Lucky Box Premium [1.8.x - 1.18.x]
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With LockyBox you get a plugin that offers you a store where you can buy boxes with content that is randomly selected from a list. You can specify which items should be included in the boxes and with what probability these items will be included in a box.

This plugin supports items with NBT tags and costum items e.g. from ItemsAdder. The messages and GUI texts are 100% customizable.


  • Install and get started right away. This offers you the default Config because it contains up to 100 Items directly.
  • Easy configuration and setup, everything can be done in-game
  • Support for NBT tags
  • Support of costum items
  • Percentage probabilities for all single items
  • Different boxes can be created

Test this plugin directly on our free public test server!

Just come to the support Discord for further questions.