Lucky Box Premium [1.8.x - 1.18.x]
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Do you have problems? Do you have a suggestion for a new feature?
Create a ticket on our for a simple and easy tracking for me and for anyone who is interested in this plugin growth :)

Thanks to all who support the plugin. I wish you a lot of fun with LuckyBox.
I would be happy about an honest review.

Lucky Box Premium is 1.19 compatible, but needs at least version 2.10.0 of NBTAPI!

LuckyBox is a plugin where you can get Loot Boxes with random content, either through the specially provided store or through Command.

The content of the boxes can be generated by an intelligent random generator with percentage probability.

This plugin has an easy setup through a GUI where you can adjust the settings and the boxes.

With this plugin you have a really good possibility to offer your players wonder bags.

LuckyBoxes can be used in the form of a Chest where the Loot is placed inside or through a Custom "UseItem" where a GUI opens with the contents.

This plugin supports items with NBT tags and costum items e.g. from ItemsAdder.
The messages and GUI texts are 100% customizable.

- Install and get started right away. This offers you the default Config because it contains up to 100 Items directly.
- Easy configuration and setup, everything can be done in-game
- Support for NBT tags
- Support of costum items
- Percentage probabilities for all single items
- Different boxes can be created
- It is also possible to create boxes that are not available in the store, for example, as a special can only be assigned via Command.
- Each box has its own permission in the store to be purchased (default: false)
- Players can gift boxes to each other via a gift system
Hover & Clickable Messages
T2CodeLib 11.9 is required.
You can add a hover and/or clickable feature to all messages sent to players.
Examples and explanation
Use /*/ to separate the message.
Use [nl] to set a line break in a message or hover.

Hover message: <message >/*/<hover>
Message with hover and click function: <message >/*/<hover>/*/<action>/*/<actionValue>
Message only with click function: <message >/*//*/<action>/*/<actionValue>
OPEN_URL - Opens a URL under the path specified in ActionValue.
OPEN_FILE - Opens a file under the path specified by ActionValue.
RUN_COMMAND - Runs the command specified by ActionValue.
SUGGEST_COMMAND - Inserts the string specified in ActionValue into the player text box.
CHANGE_PAGE - Changes to the page number in a book specified by ActionValue.
COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD - Copies the string specified by ActionValue to the player's clipboard.
Each user has a limit of 10 servers on which the plugin can be used. If you have more servers, please create a ticket on our Discord server.


/luckybox Open the WonderBagShop. | luckybox.command

/luckybox help - Opens the help.

/luckybox info - See the current plugin version. |

/luckybox gift <player> - Give away a LuckyBox. |

/luckybox give <player> Give a player a LuckyBox. | luckybox.command.give

/luckybox giveall - Give all players a LuckyBox. | luckybox.command.giveall

/luckybox settings - Edit the Settings. | luckybox.admin

/luckybox reload | rl - Reloads the Plugin. | luckybox.admin

/luckybox give <player> [luckybox] [<amount>] - Give a player one or more LuckyBoxes. Only for the console!

Servers Using LuckyBox: (Contact me via Discord, Issue or PM if you want to add your serer)
Each user has a limit of 10 servers on which the plugin can be used. If you have more servers, please create a ticket on our Discord server.
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