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JaTiTV cfc515b874 1.8
- API update to Minecraft version 1.20
- T2CodeLib API update to 15.0 (this version is required from now on)
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With PaPiTest you can query and test all placeholders of PlaceholderAPI and other plugins that use the PlaceholderAPI. This can also be very useful for programming testing.

Just come to the support Discord for further questions.


Mit PaPiTest kannst du sämtliche Placeholder von PlaceholderAPI und anderen Plugins die die PlaceholderAPI nutzen abfragen und testen. Dies kann auch zum Programmieren zum Testen sehr nützlich sein.

Komm für weitere Fragen einfach auf den Support Discord.


/papitest - Test and view a placeholder.

/papitest info - See the current plugin version.

/papitest reload - Reloads the Plugin.

Titles are only available from version 1.9 and can be deactivated in the Config