Allay Duplicate for 1.19
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With this plugin you can duplicate Allays even if you haven't updated to 1.19.1 yet or don't want to update.

Please note that it is not implemented 1 to 1 as in the 1.19.1 / 1.19.2!


  • Item to multiply adjustable.
  • Number of items adjustable.
  • Adjustable that no specific item is needed.
  • Particle adjustable
  • Sound adjustable
  • Player delay adjustable
  • Price adjustable

You can use MiniMessage:



t2code.allayduplicate.use Permission to use the function (Default: true)

t2code.allayduplicate.bypass.delay Delay Bypass (Default: op)

t2code.allayduplicate.bypass.cost Money Bypass (Default: op)

t2code.allayduplicate.updatemsg Update message (Default: op)

t2code.allayduplicate.reload - /t2c-allayduplicate reload/rl (Default: op)

t2code.allayduplicate.reset - /t2c-allayduplicate reset <player|all|*> (Default: op) - /t2c-allayduplicate info (Default: op)

t2code.allayduplicate.admin Permission, which contains all permissions