CommandGUI | FunctionsGUI | Spigot & Bungee [1.8.x - 1.19.x]
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CommandGUI | FunctionsGUI is a handy plugin that allows you to create as many and different GUIs (user interfaces) as you need for your server.


  • With CommandGUI you can send commands, messages to players.
  • You can also charge money for it via Economy (Vault and Economy plugin required).
  • You can decide per slot if the players need certain permissions or not.
  • You can play a custom sound for each slot.
  • You can also open another GUI directly via slots.
  • You can also just display information by setting a lore for the items in the GUIs, these also support placeholders.
  • There is an item that players can get in the inventory, with which they can open a specific GUI.


  • Permission Plugin LuckPerms recommended
  • Vault
  • Economy Plugin Recommendations: Economy, EssentialsX, CMI (Paid) (more possible)

/commandgui - Open the default GUI (adjustable)

/commandgui [gui] - Open the selected GUI

/gui-item on - Activate the GUIItem for you.

/gui-item off - Disable the GUIItem for you.

/commandguihelp - Open the help file.

/commandguiadmin info - Open the CommandGUI info.

/commandguiadmin createdefaultgui - create a default GUI

/commandguiadmin reload - Reload the plugin.