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T2C-Alias is an alias plugin that works for servers but also for bungee commands.

Example: /warp CityBuild -> /CityBuild or /cb


  • Execute multiple commands directly with one alias
  • Run commands as console
  • Run commands as player
  • Execute bungee commands
  • Admin mode (more info below)
  • Alias for the console
  • Show messages (more info below)

Functions: Admin Mode:

With the admin mudus you can distinguish an alias for players / mods / admins. For example the alias '/citybuild' executes the command '/warp CityBuild' for players and '/server citybuild' for players with an adjustable permission.

So you could set that players are teleported to a specific position and for example team members / VIPs or so are teleported to the server but to the last position and much more.

Send messages to players:

With this plugin it is possible with an alias to send messages to players with or without TextBuilder.

Console Alias:

It is possible to set an alias for the console.

For example for Paper to reload the server instead of '/reload confirm' just '/rlc'.

Info: There are different functions for an alias for player, admin and console possible.

You can use MiniMessage:



/t2code-alias | /alias

/alias info - Open the T2C-Alias info. |

/alias reload - Reload the plugin. | t2code.alias.command.reload

t2code.alias.admin - Permission for all T2C-Alias Commands

t2code.alias.updatemsg - Get a notification when an update is available when joining