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With T2C-AutoResponse you can send automated messages and/or execute commands in response to chat messages.


  • A player writes in the chat 'can someone help me' and an AutoResponse listens for 'help', then the player gets an automated response.
  • Secret command '.example' and then something secret is executed


  • Execute multiple commands directly at once
  • Execute commands as console
  • Execute commands as player
  • Execute bungee commands
  • Show messages (more info below)

You can use MiniMessage:



/t2code-autoresponse | /t2c-ar | /autoresponse

/alias info - Open the T2C-Alias info. |

/alias reload - Reload the plugin. | t2code.autoresponse.command.reload

t2code.autoresponse.admin - Permission for all T2C-AutoResponse Commands

t2code.autoresponse.updatemsg - Get a notification when an update is available when joining